Friday, December 16, 2011


Rocket is a 5 month old ShihTzu,  basically Rocket is our family's first dog.  At first I was adjusting on how to take care of this kind of creature. It was hard for me because I need to feed him on time, he needs to be pampered, I need to make sure that in a day I should have the chance to play with him even in just a short time, because this kind of dogs love to play and wants attention.  My brother and sister loves Rocket too except for my mom at first. My mom appreciates the cuteness of dogs but having a dog in the house is a big no for her. As time passes by she maybe realized that this dog really mean a lot to me and my other siblings and turned her perception about having Rocket in the house different. I myself can say that you can't resist the cuteness of Rocket. haha

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