Sunday, November 27, 2011

Organizational Activities in School

Have you ever asked yourselves why people tend to join organizational activities in school? Wherein so much effort, time and sufferings or sometimes stress that you can get from it?
For once or even many times in our lives that we have already joined an organization in school.  When we are in elementary we are already familiar in choosing our clubs or gifts. For many students, the day to choose their own club is somehow one of their favorite days because it is the day where they have the freedom to choose on what club they want. The students feel better somehow because this is the time where they can excel on what field are they good at, the chance to meet new friends or also this is the field that the whole barkada is into.

For schools, joining an organizational activity is important because they want to balance the lives of students of being in school and in attending their own organzational activities. The school wants the students to have a chance to show who and what do they have inside besides academics.
Several companies tend support oraganizational activities.  An example are the sports activities sponsored by Milo, Shakeys V League that supports volleyball games and Cheering competitions for Nestle products. This is also a way to advertise their company or brand in short a marketing strategy.

Joining an organization is an option; it is just a matter of time management and your passion on what you want. Make a point for you to join an organization that you are interested in, it is an opportunity for you to mold what talents you have that has been given to you by God. 

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